Looking After Your Spray Tan Equipment

Like any other type of equipment, spray tanning machines need to be properly maintained in order to stay in good condition. Besides bringing down the value of your investment, putting off cleaning and updating your tanning equipment can slowly start to affect the quality of the spray tan it produces. Whether you are an at-home user or a professional salon owner, following the simple care plan below can help you keep your spray tan machine in top shape without spending a fortune on pricey repairs.

1. Read the user manual for your spray tan machine.

While there are general maintenance tips you need to follow regardless of the type of equipment you own, exact care instructions can vary dramatically from one type of machine to another. In general, professional tanning equipment from premium brands like St. Tropez is easier to maintain than lower-grade machines. With easy-to-clean surfaces and washable filters, St. Tropez’s pro booth is ideal for salon owners with a high client turnover. St. Tropez’s pro collection also features starter kits that are perfect for beginners and portable salon owners who need low-maintenance spray tan guns.

2. Spray down your tanning equipment on a regular basis.

Using over-the-counter spray cleaners to wipe down dirt and tanner residue is the best way to keep your machine’s surfaces in great shape. To make sure you do not cause any accidental damage, avoid using harsh cleaners that contain powerful chemicals. Gentle household cleaners are generally strong enough to remove stains and restore shine to your machine’s glossy walls.

3. Unclog your spray applicator daily.

Because unused tanning mist can solidify over time, it can affect the performance of your spray tan machine by blocking its applicator. To avoid problems, get into the habit of cleaning the applicator once you have finished using it for the day. After emptying out any leftover tanning solution, replace it with warm water. Use the top speed setting on the machine to spray the water through the applicator to remove clogs and excess residue.

4. Keep the filter clean to optimise every spray.

Dirty filters can cause serious problems in the long run, so it is very important to clean your machine’s filter as needed. Most filters can be cleaned well with warm water, but you should double check your spray tan manual for detailed instructions on where the filter is located and how it should be maintained.

5. Get the necessary repairs.

If you notice that your spray tan machine is not functioning as well as it used to, contact the manufacturer for help. While cleaning can keep damages to a minimum, older machines might need new replacement parts or other professional repairs.