Luxe Dry Oil

What makes a Brazilian tan so appealing? A few choice adjectives quickly come to mind: gorgeous, exotic, luxurious, romantic, sexy, and sophisticated. Brazilian-inspired skin simply exudes a deep, luminous copper glow that creates a sleek and sensuous first impression – an impression that very soon settles into a delightful sense of ongoing admiration.

You’ll simply adore the attention you receive when you use St.Tropez Luxe Dry Oil to create a stunning, natural-looking Brazilian tan. But, that’s not the only thing you’ll love about our non-greasy dry oil formula. You’ll also love the way this luxurious tanning product moisturises, conditions and nourishes your skin, leaving you not only looking, but also feeling, gorgeous.

Tanning oils are one of the greatest secrets to achieving an evenly and naturally bronzed look that lasts longer than other self-tanning methods. Our Luxe Dry Oil glides on smoothly, drying quickly and lasting for days, with moisturising benefits that have been clinically proven to persist for as long as seven glorious, sun-kissed days.

Indulge your senses with our specially formulated St.Tropez Luxe Dry Oil, and enjoy the sheer pleasure of looking as if you’ve just spent all day soaking in the golden rays of the tropical sun. Not only will your skin feel and look fantastic, but you’ll love the fact that your tan will be achieved without the harshness of the sun’s radiation.

Regardless of your natural skin tone, we know how happy you will be to discover that our Luxe Dry Oil self-tanning formula will bring out a deep, rich Brazilian tan, delivering a depth of colour that will perfectly complement your skin’s natural colouring. In fact, here at St.Tropez, we consider this formula to be our most luxurious, offering the very best ingredients for moisturising, conditioning and softening your skin.

We know you’ll also appreciate the fresh, pleasing and utterly delightful fragrance that marks our Luxe Dry Oil formula – a fragrance created through our own special blend of essential oils and designed to make you forget you are using a self-tanning product.

At St.Tropez, we take your beauty, luxury and comfort seriously. And that’s precisely why we go to such great lengths and insist on meeting the most exacting standards to bring you the skin care products you trust to keep your skin soft, smooth and supple whilst bringing out the deepest, richest Brazilian-inspired tan that your natural skin tone will support.