Get Tanned Fast

Get Tanned Fast

It’s said that “everyone looks better with a tan.” After all, a suntan gives most people an outward appearance of health, youth and vigour. The tanning process allows a person with pale or pasty skin to appear as if they’ve returned from a trip to an island paradise. You may even fool your friends and co-workers into believing that you’ve been on holiday in some faraway romantic destination.

If you do have a getaway trip or tropical travel on the horizon, it’s always wise to get a start on your island tan. Achieving a smooth tan is additionally something that works to showcase a special outfit at an upcoming party or evening out. Either way, it’s probable that time will not be on your side. Getting a quick tan is the optimum technique to look your best.


Tips for tanning quickly and safely

While everyone wants to tan as quickly as possible, this strategy depends upon one’s skin tone and naturally ability to darken. The lighter your complexion, the less melatonin you have in your skin and therefore the more likely you are to burn in the sun. Despite the fact that having a tan looks great, it definitely pays to take proper precautions as not to incur a sunburn. The strong rays of the sun cause permanent damage to the skin like wrinkles and more importantly, serious forms of skin cancer. So, to get a quick tan that not only appears healthy but actually is healthier for your skin than a suntan, using self tanning products is the obvious go-to.

Tip #1 – Tan using a self-tanning product and achieve the safest tan of all.

For most people in a hurry to get an even and glowing tan, applying a self-tanning product is their finest choice. It grants them the same tan that would normally take hours, days or weeks outdoors in a matter of mere minutes. Self-tanning products grant all of the compliments that come with a beautiful tan, without ever having to risk the possible pain and embarrassment of a bad sunburn.

Tip #2 – Choose an Express Self Tan product for a quick tan.

An excellent way to achieve a long-lasting tan within the shortest span of time is with one of the Express Self Tan products developed by innovative team at St.Tropez. Their combination of active ingredients absorb into the skin easily, providing you with an all-over attractive colour that suits your individual skin tone. Their products are simple to apply, taking the time and guess-work out of self-tanning.

The application of a Bronzing Mousse is perfect for when you want to look like you’ve been “kissed by the sun” without ever having to set sail for an island retreat. The Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse by St. Tropez can be left on for just an hour for a lightly tanned effect, two hours for a medium glow or up to three hours for a deeper depth of colour. Decide what’s best for you and then shower off the remaining mousse.

For best results, apply the mousse with a mitt or glove and not the palm of your hand. After stepping out of the shower, the self-tan will continue to deepen and last for several days. To keep your tan looking fresh, be sure to moisturise daily and reapply as necessary when your chosen colour begins to fade.

Get Tanned Fast

Tip #3 – Consider a self-tanning product created especially for the face.

There are times when you only really want your face and neckline area to appear well-tanned. It makes you appear younger and healthier in photographs. Likewise, you have a lifestyle where you’re more likely to appear in a business suit and not a swimsuit at your next event. This is precisely when a self-tanning product designed for facial use like the Self Tan Luxe Facial Oil by St.Tropez comes to the rescue.

Treat yourself to a luxurious tan, free of tell-tale streaks or uneven colour. You’ll enjoy a completely tanned face without harmful ingredients that block pores or cause break-outs for those with sensitive complexions. Users enjoy the fact that this facial oil is not greasy, feels light upon the skin and dries quickly.

To give your facial self-tanning product a greater lasting effect, gently exfoliate the skin one day before applying. All it takes is two to three drops of Self Tan Luxe Facial Oil applied to dry (make-up free) skin. Blend over your face, neckline and décolletage region. Take your time so that the oil is evenly spread across the skin.

Make sure skin is dry to the touch before getting dressed or covering the area. It is best to wait between four to eight hours before washing your face, bathing or taking a shower. Make a point of washing your hands after each application of any self-tanning product. Thoroughly washing with soap and water works to avoid tanning product from developing colour onto the palms of your hands.

Get Tanned Fast

Tip #4 – Keep skin hydrated for best results.

Everyone is glad to obtain a healthy quick tan. They’re then saddened when they lose that tan rapidly too. Continue to carefully moisturise, follow product instructions and stay focused on maintaining the good lucks you’ve gained in a healthy fashion. Using products from the Prep and Maintain range will ensure your skin is properly prepared for a quick tan while also ensuring your skin is hydrated and ready to maintain the tan for a longer amount of time!