Classic Bronzing Mist

Classic Bronzing Mist is the St. Tropez spray tan that’s guaranteed to offer a streak-free, stunning glow every time you apply. It’s guaranteed to give you beautiful, no-streak results time and time again.

Created to provide perfect, even color, Classic Bronzing Mist will dry in just sixty seconds. Our St. Tropez Classic Bronzing Mist spray tan offers the ultimate in satisfaction, a superb glowing tan.

Made with aloe vera, the St.Tropez Classic Bronzing Mist hydrates, nourishes and colors evenly. Our melanin technology provides a color that suits any skin type.

But that’s not all. Our Classic Bronzing Mist includes the St. Tropez signature Aromaguard. This fine fragrance technology completely eliminates standard tanning product aroma, leaving instead a light, subtle, refreshing fragrance.

Just as the sun colors your skin, Classic Bronzing Mist continues to build color for more than four hours after application.

The golden look this St. Tropez product provides lasts an average of five days or more after its initial four hour development time. Clients should avoid contact with water and perspiration for four hours minimum post application.

Classic Bronzing Mist should not be applied to broken, sensitives, or irritated o skin. Use should be discontinued in the event of skin irritation. Be sure to wear gloves when applying to avoid color transfer, or wash palms immediately after using. Our special tan remover wipes can also be used to remove the product from hands.

As self-tanning products can stain, care should be taken not to get the product on furnishing, clothing, paint, or light colored hair. Avoid contact with lips and eyes.
If eye contact occurs, just rinse thoroughly.

Classic Bronzing Mist is for external use only. Don’t inhale, and don’t spray near furniture, fabric, or on carpets.

Note that our product doesn’t contain a sunscreen, and does not protect clients from sunburn risk. Remember, repeated skin exposure while tanning can increase aging, skin cancer, and other risks to the skin.

Use Classic Bronzing mist to achieve the ultimate, luxurious sun-kissed look without sun exposure. Capture the rich bronzed look of a weekend by the sea in just moments.