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Tan.Easy Tan.Expert Tower 38000



Create a perfectly salon-quality spray tan with St.Tropez Tan.Expert 38000. Ideal for the ultimate tanning expert, it is the only product of its kind to offer lower energy consumption by 30% in addition to professional spray tan quality. Incomparably quiet, like its smaller version, this innovative machine uses Micro-Whirlwind Technology that creates continuous stream of smooth air for a more constant flow pattern for accurate, streak-free tanning.

Coupled with the Intelligent Dual Air-Smart switch of two custom air-flow settings specifically designed for spray tanning, it ensures an even, streak-free tan that is free of blotches and splatters. The Ultimate Workstation, the Tan.Expert Tower 38000 features a storage dock to store, hold or transport your spray gun, hose or solution in a vertical position with no risk of knocking or falling over.

St.Tropez recommends ensuring sufficient & adequate ventilation during the use of St.Tropez Skin Finishing Tools

Comes with BONUS Sample Pack, Stick On Soles, Hand Towels, & Ultimate Manual TOTAL BONUS VALUE $124.50

Tan.Easy Tan.Expert Tower 38000

  • Designed For The Expert: Features a storage dock to store, hold or transport your spray gun, hose or spray tan solution within in the machine. Includes a more powerful airflow for high volume use and faster technique - what tanning experts within the industry need. A dedicated workstation and premium superior look to make a statement at home or in your salon.
  • Two Touch Control - Set For Tanning Perfection: The Dual Intelligent Air-Smart Switch with 2 custom settings is perfectly set for flawless spray tanning results. So with just turning it on, it controls the airflow for the perfect spray. The high setting is perfect for the expert tanner, as it creates more airflow for faster technique. This means you get the same professional results every time.
  • Airflow: Unlike other spray tan machines, brand new Micro-Whirlwind Technology delivers a continuous stream of smooth air. The custom 3D turbine motor of highest-quality materials generates a powerful, constant flow of even air speed for streak-free skin finishing results with no blotches.
  • Light & Quiet: Weighing only 2kg, its rounded filtration system is designed for easy cleaning and direct air intake for whisper quite sound. Features a 2.5m professional length hose.
  • Energy Efficient: The new generation machine delivers 30% lower energy consumption, an important factor to all consumers that are more conscious of our environment and cost of utilities.

Machine Includes:
1 x Spray Tan Machine
1 x 'Excess' Spray Tan Gun
1 x Professional Length 2.5m Hose
1 x Power Cord
1 x Operational Manual
1 x Cup with Lid

Dimensions: 253mm/9.9" (D) x 900mm/35.4" (H)
Weight: 4kg/4.4lbs
Power/Airflow: 38000RPM
Noise: 45-55db
Cup Capacity: 125mL/4.2flo

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